Wan-Yu Hsu

Wan-Yu is a researcher at Halo Neuroscience. She is working on developing neuro-stimulation technology for sports, music, and beyond.

Updated: 15 November 2018


Jennifer Sasaki Russell

Jennifer moved to the San Diego area to be closer to family. We wish her the best!

Updated: August 2018


Daniel Chan

Daniel is currently a scientist at BioMarin, a biotech company which develops treatments for rare genetic diseases such as achondroplasia, hemophilia and mucopolysaccharidosis. He specializes in the area of Clinical Pharmacology, where he uses quantitative methods across the entire drug development continuum to identify the optimal dosing regimen for the right target patient population.

Updated: 20 March 2019


Maximilian Nitschke

Max is a Senior Scientific Researcher in Andrey Shaw's group at Genentech. He is investigating the dynamics of leukocyte migration to and within tissues. In his current position, Max enjoys doing awesome research at the bench while learning more about life as a scientist in industry. As an added perk, he got really cool prescription laboratory glasses, courtesy of Genentech.

Updated: 17 May 2018


Alice Talpin - Le Borgne


Scientist II, Immuno-oncologyEnterome 

Updated: 25 August 2020


Selim Boudoukha


Nitrome Biosciences, Inc.

Associate Scientist, Nitrome Biosciences, Inc.

Updated: 25 August 2020


Photos of Jennifer and Wan-Yu taken by Alexander M. Wolff, Inspired Photons